About me.

Welcome to all. Whoever you are and wherever you come from, I hope that I can provide something useful to you.

My story is relatively straightforward. I was a consistently overweight kid who didn’t much care for his body. This didn’t change until I was about 20, when I was adjusting to a major life event. This event forced me to reflect on who I was, and where I wanted to go. It was then that I dove head first into the world of fitness and healthy living. Through this process I’ve lost about 50 pounds so far and put on muscle mass. I’m currently sitting at a Fat Free Mass Index of 22.9, and am only going forward.

I’m also heavily interested in psychology, and have studied it extensively in college. I’ve also studied research methods and statistical analysis, so I understand how to interpret, read and write research.

I have also suffered acne since about the age of 13, and have worked my butt off non-stop to try and find the route cause. In the process, I’ve learned more information about the human body and done more research than I ever thought I would.¬†Along with acne, I’ve dealt with severe depression, anxiety, and general hopelessness and frustration with regards to my life in general.

Put simply, I know what it is to feel like garbage, to feel defeated, and to not want to wake up in the morning. My mission is simple: I want to help you, any any way I can, in any way that works for you. I’m not out to be extremely wealthy or well known. I just want to make this rock we all share a little better, even if by 0.0001%. Check out my contact info if ever you want advice in any of the areas I can help out with. Best,