Ketogenic Diets|RANT

I made a video one evening that is essentially a rant about the keto diet. After doing the ketogenic diet for about 6 months, and following YouTubers on their keto journey, I began noticing things that really piss me off.

It seems to me that people will follow a diet, and they will proclaim that it is healthy because it is the diet. For example, “My Vegan diet is healthy,” “My Atkins Diet is healthy,” “My high protein is healthy,” and on it goes. My response to this is, “I doubt it.” What drives me crazy about this reasoning is that people forget what they’re eating at the expense of what they’re not eating, whether it’s animal products or carbs. Your diet is only as good as the quality of food you’re eating, there is no evil macronutrient.

And that’s where we get into the heart of the rant. I see lots of keto YouTubers do a grocery haul and I don’t see vegetables, and I do see processed crap. “Oh, but it’s super low carb!” Who cares? It’s not healthy! If you think a bunless McDonald’s burger is worse for your health than a sweet potato, you’re not on Earth. This demonization of carbohydrate is absurd. There are good carbs and bad carbs, just like there are good fats and bad fats. I keep carbs low because I like ketosis, not because carbs are bad. This is the mentality you should have.

The bottom line is that you must focus on healthy food first, and then focus on the eating style you like. The diet is irrelevant if your body is not getting proper nutrition.

As always, I hope this inspires your neurons to fire differently. Best,




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