Calories in/Calories Out and Jason Wittrock’s Experiment|My Thoughts

As usual, the video version of this article is available here. Let’s dive in, shall we? Jason Wittrock is an American bodybuilder and personal trainer who’s been doing a ketogenic diet for the past while. Jason has a YouTube channel devoted to spreading the ketogenic lifestyle. Recently, he did a 3 week (21 day) 4,000 calorie challenge. He was inspired to do this by an overfeeding study he learned about while at a Low Carb USA conference. So for three weeks, Jason ate 4,000 calories everyday, with the macronutrient breakdown being roughly 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbohydrate. One should note that this was close to double what he normally eats.

So what happened? Well, he started this experiment at 148 pounds, and 5.2% bodyfat. After the 3 weeks, he weight 145 pounds, and was 5.0% bodyfat. Yeah, you’re reading that right. He lost weight. How is this possible? My explanation is as follows: Option 1 here is that we assume Jason was BSing the whole thing in an effort to push the lifestyle and promote his diet and therefore earn more business. I think this would be irresponsible, as I see no valid reason or evidence for such a claim. Therefore, we’re left we option 2.

Option 2 has two sub-options. A, is he that the calories in/calories out theory has been essentially debunked. Option B is that the theory still holds true, but Jason’s metabolism ramped up and he literally starting using 4,000 calories a day. Take your pick.

The thing that we must always remember about a theory is that it should be true 100% of the time for it to be a good theory. Any doubt, and rationality has it that we become skeptical. Ergo, Jason’s Experiment leads me to be skeptical of the calories in/calories out theory. While I’m skeptical, I also am aware that it is fully possible that the theory still applies, and as mentioned Jason’s metabolism ramped up. What do you think? Head on over to my video and drop a comment.

I’m sure this gives us all something to think about. As always, best,




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