The Psychology of Weight-Loss|The Mindset You Need to Have

I have a video regarding this topic which you can check out here. Essentially, given my own experience and what I’ve gathered from the experience of others, there’s a certain psychology that accompanies sustainable weight loss. In my view, there are two components to this psychology.

The first thing is that you have to believe that it is possible for you to lose weight. This may seem obvious, but it isn’t. One of the biggest reasons that I failed multiple times losing weight in the first place was because I genuinely believed that it was not physiologically possible for me to; I believed that I had a certain body type, and that was the one I was stuck with. It is necessary, however, for a person who desires to lose weight, to wholeheartedly and genuinely accept that they can. This is step 1.

Step 2, or the 2nd component to this psychology, is that you must want to. This again seems obvious, but what I mean is more nuanced than simply “Yeah I wanna lose weight.” What I mean by this is that you must want and be willing to make a commitment to health and sustainable weight loss long term. The reason diets fail is because they are unsustainable and temporary. A person wanting to lose weight and keep it off must be willing to adopt a set of values and patterns of behaviour which are conducive to long term success.

That pretty much sums it up. Believe that you can, and have the fire within to make it happen. As always, I hope this is beneficial. Best,



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